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How to get INVOLVED:

Please consider donating to our church so that we can continue the ministries that we provide for our community!

Offerings can be mailed to the church office.

2619 Foulk Rd. Wilmington  DE  1981 0

Want to volunteer with a ministry?  Receive our newsletter? Let us know!

Thanks for getting in touch!

Canned Goods
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Collecting Food,

Feminine Products,

Household Cleaning supplies

for Claymont Community Center

Volunteering  with the Thrift Shop? Most of our income goes to local charities! Call us at 302-475-3022

Playing or singing? Our church musician,

Carmella, will be glad

to hear from you!

Other gifts you would like to offer: IT services, landscaping,

maintenance and more

An important message from Housing Alliance DE:

It is time for the faith communities to pray with our feet by demanding that our legislators confront and work to solve the affordable housing crisis here in Delaware. 

I don't need to tell you there is an affordable housing crisis going on  in all three counties of Delaware. 


     -More than 1,300 people are homeless each night in Delaware (sleeping outside, in a car, in a           temporary shelter for people experiencing homelessness, in a hotel/motel paid for by the state or     charity). 

    -25% of all homeless people in Delaware are under 18.  

    -60% of all those who are homeless are Black. 

    -As people of faith  we are to walk our faith into our everyday, mundane life.  There are data proven          solutions to this horrible reality.  


      On May 9th, we are asking people from across the state to meet in Dover to meet with our     legislators to communicate the magnitude of this problem.


      Will you come to Dover on May 9th?    I am asking you to pray with your feet!


     As always if you have any questions or learning opportunities for me, please feel free to contact me.






Rabbi Sonya Starr 


Policy Director 

Housing Alliance Delaware 

(302)654-0126 ext. 103

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