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The Old Serpentine Church, now a charitable thrift shop!

Now the Thrift Shop; formerly

was Chester Bethel UMC

The 1972 sanctuary, presently used for worship.

Current Church Sanctuary and Preschool Building ( c. 1972)

Two churches on one 16-acre property, plus a large, old cemetery, speak to the long-standing presence of Chester Bethel United Methodist Church in  northern Delaware. 

Our office hours

The church office is open three days a week; Tuesday, Thursday, and Fridays from 9 - 1. 

Pastor Kelly (who has another church in her charge) is here on Thursday mornings.

Please call to make appointments in the church office: 302-475-3549.

The Preschool Office keeps different hours and should be contacted at: 302-475-0377.

The Thrift Store Phone is 302-475-3022.

Our Staff

We hope to be open to your needs and concerns, whether you are a seeker, member, parent, or in need of help. Call us, email us, or visit in person!

Chester Bethel History;
In the Beginning

    Chester Bethel Church is the oldest Methodist congregation in continuous service in the state of Delaware. Its name was taken from the locations served by the circuit riding preacher.

In 1776 a Methodist society met at Robert Cloud's home and in 1780 the first Cloud's Chapel was built of logs, originally located south of the cemetery. 

   A stone church replaced the log chapel in 1799 and, in 1873, was replaced by the Serpentine faced church still north of the cemetery. 


For most of its 200 year history, Chester Bethel has been surrounded by farmland, several miles from the city.  The old Serpentine Church was used until 1972 when the present modern sanctuary was built and attached to the Fellowship Hall ( now used mostly by our preschool).

Women of CBUMC-1914
1914 Summertime
The people in the photo
Summer Church women
circa 1945
Women in front of house no longer standying near Chester Bethel
Chester Bethel 1947
Christmas 1931 in Serpentine Church
Christmas in the 1930's
Chester Bethel Church Fair circa 1947
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